Little getaway

Short stay in Madrid

  • A very special idea?
  • A show at the last minute?
  • A paella cooking class?
  • An original experience?
  • An original wish?
  • A surprise to organise ?
  • A party to attend?

Short Stay « à la carte »

Are you visiting Madrid ? On a little break or maybe a business trip ? You’ve only got a few days but still wish to have a memorable stay, an original experience of the place, outside the tourist track? A different, intelligent and interesting stay.

We’ve arrange for you your holidays, your custom made weekend, according to your tastes and your interests….

New concept, halfway between tour guide, concierge, visit planner and personal shopper ( yes yes, all this !), we offer you exclusive services to simplify and optimise your stay in the capital.

Are you looking for something different to do? Last minute tickets for a show? A party to attend or organise? A private event? We propose….you decide! You ask….we organise!

We have tones of ideas for you, and you have plenty of wishes! Let’s talk about it!

We can pick you up at the airport, look after your children, put you on the guest list of private viewings, organise a surprise outing, buy on your behalf a particular item, take you into fashionable shops, find you a doctor or a specific medicine, get you into a yoga class or a paella cooking class, organise a last minute booking in any restaurants, we can arrange for you a tourist trail, or horse riding trip, or cycling….. in a nutshell, we manage your wishes or your emergencies in total confidentiality and with our upmost professionalism as ever.

We will assist you during your stay!

Because of our extensive knowledge of Madrid, our important network of contacts and our original ideas, we answer any of your demand…

Anticipating your expectations, guessing your desires and suggesting you ideas according to your interests… this is where we ll make the difference and this is what will guarantee you an unforgettable stay in Madrid!